Theme Option changes not saving - Also background repeat-x problem

Tried a few search criterias but cannot seem to find similar issues now on later WP version.

On Wordpress 3.01 using bp-daily 3.8.1 "Layout Styling/Body background" image repeat keep jumping back to "repeat-x" whenever I make a change anywhere in "Theme Options". Been working with it "as is" for a while now but it's really a tiresome process.

Also "Headers styling/Choose Your H2 Colour" and save does not hold the parameter. i.e. I type in that box #FFFFFF and come back to it and it's blank.

Quite a bit of parameters so I will post back if I find anything else.

If it matters I also use BuddyPress 1.2.6

Because of my agreement with this client I cannot yet show the actual site.