Theme Options Broken?

In trying to do some troubleshooting and consider some changes on my site I switched to the Blogs MU theme. When I went into theme options I got the menu of buttons but when clicking on them nothing happens. Tried Social and Fun themes, got the same thing.

I tried these in Firefox 3.6 first and flipped over to IE 8 and 9 or whatever it just updated to that is the most current one.

Is this a known issue with the themes or something weird going on within my site only?


Just so I made sure of the proper troubleshooting I again turned everything off and back on one at a time. It seems BuddyPress itself is the problem child. With it on I get no menus and not options under them Options for ANY theme. It screws up also my widget options ability and other drop down menus in the admin dashboard. When I turn it off I get things as normal.

I updated Buddypress to the newest version last night and did the same on all themes and other plugins.

I guess my question is, is this something that everything is seeing? or am I just the lucky one with it?