Theme Options NOT working and Navigation Menus not working with BuddyPress Plugin Installed


I have tried many of your buddypress themes and I seem to get the same problems when i have the BuddyPress plugin installed. I am currently using the Edublogs Homepage Theme.


1) The THEME OPTIONS section in the admin just stays static irrespective of which "tab" I select.
2) My Menu Items in the Main Navigation of my site dont show the drop-downs when I roll of the menu.

I have seen another post about Javascript Clashes causing the THEME OPTIONS issue but I have already disabled every single plugin except the BuddyPress plugin. When I disable the BuddyPress plugin it solves the problem....but that mean that the Themes are clashing with BuddyPress?

What can I do?

BuddyPress Plugin version: 1.2.9
Running Multisite install