Theme recommendation and setup question - for a professional blog

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if you can give me advice on which theme to use for my
personal website,

I currently have it set up using a free theme, but I subscribed to
WPMU Dev because I need a more professional look (I'm a digital
marketer). I'm also going to change the subject matter significantly, from travel to marketing, so I won't be using nearly as many photographs anymore.

What I'm looking for is a theme that will work well for blogging, as
well as for posting a rich-content, possibly interactive resume on a
separate page. Can anyone recommend a theme or two, and is there a specific
way I need to install it in order to make the blog posts appear under instead of in the root directory?

I want Wordpress to power my entire site though (as it does now), even if only the
/blog section of it will be the actual blog.