Theme Selection, etc.

I wasn't sure if these noob themes questions should go under the themes forum or the beginner forum but its so basic, I figure this is where to put it.

1) For a classic wpmu site for free and premium hosted websites catering to a certain type of professional, what are the most suitable themes? I figure the front page will be static.

2) Do any of your themes have an option for a full width Thesis-style header where the body container is narrower (kind of like the header)?

3) I saw on a wpmudev facebook post something about a new "Studio" theme but don't see it in the themes menu. Is that a wpmudev theme? Is it and others listed elsewhere on the site?

4) What are the theme packs, e.g., Farms 100 and Farms 133? Why are they in a pack rather than individually on the menu? Are they basically child themes (what parent)?