Theme Selection Help Please?


I am brand new here and already loving everything around me here :slight_smile:

I am in the process of building a Daily Deal website with my 14 year old daughter because she want's to start learning about building websites and this is the type of site she has chosen. So with that said i am turning to the community here to ask for some help please please.

I am trying to find the best (Out Of This World lol) theme to build a daily deal website with. I have looked all around the internet but can't seem to settle for any of them as all the Product, Marketplace, eCommerce themes are more store and inventory oriented and don't fit the scenario. The only theme i did find was the Daily Deal theme by templatic but it's pretty buggy but fits what i am looking for perfectly (Go Figure lol). So what i have now decided to do is use the Marketpress Plugin (if i can get all the functions i need out of it) and just find a great theme to use it with. So is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction to finding a theme solution please?

Thank you in advance.