Theme Switcher Plugin Losing Parts Of My Themes

I have the theme switcher plugin installed for, I'm trying to use it as a way to demo my client concept sites. I activated about 12 themes for that site and was going along fine until I switched to the 3rd site in the admin to start editing it. When I did now the menu goes away on one theme, and the logo image goes away on another. When I switch back to making those themes the active theme, the problems go away. Until I switch back off of it.

  • Steve

    Ok, a little bit of new info. I have currently modified Circle LITE, Elegant, and just started on FastNews. So the first two were fine (different companies developed them). Then when I activated FastNews (made by the same people as Circle LITE) I lost the menu on Circle theme. Then when I activated the menu on FastNews for the header, it came back for Circle. Now the problem seems to be I lost my Logo image for Elegant theme, it reverted back to the text. If I activate Elegant the logo comes back.

    Think it would be better to just hard code all the logo images into the theme files (I would never normally do this but it's only for concepts, so as soon as one gets approved I will just be deleting all these themes anyways, it's just a quick and dirty possible solution)

    Other question, as I get down the line and get to having like 9 or 11 sites individually customized am I going to keep running into random problems? I'll always keep the menus, posts, pages, and widgets from themes from the same company the same.

    I gave you access.


  • Steve

    Because of time constraints and possible unknown issues I decided to take another route. I do believe it would work great for how I wanted it if all your themes were from the same developer, or didn't share widget names. Of course you could go through and rename the conflicting widgets in your functions.php file and most likely be fine. Just no time for that right now. Going to just set them up on separate sites and build my own static header drop down menu to switch between the sites.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, Steve!

    The vast array of WordPress devs creating an equally vast array of plugins and themes is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because we get all kinds of innovating, interesting things to enhance our sites from a huge, diverse group of developers, a curse, because with that many devs doing that many different things, sometimes it can take a combination of luck and magic to make everything work together.

    I'm glad you got a chance to play with Theme Switcher here, and that you found an alternative that works with your collection of themes.

    Take care, and happy WordPressing!