theme that best integrates with membership plugin?

Hi guys,

I am not a techie and do not want to mess around with PHP or other editing efforts. Wondering if any of the themes work with membership plugin wherein I simply install and not worry about missing components like login redirect, menu buttons, login widget etc? I followed the instructions for membership. But then there was no mention for redirects or need for login plugin etc. in the document.

WishList and S2members both take an integrated template. But, I like WPMUDEV membership plugin. Forum and Q&A plugins are awesome!

Any suggestions on which template would work the best with membership plugin?


  • DavidM

    Hi Raj,

    Technically, any theme that's developed according to WordPress themeing standards and best practices should work perfectly fine with Membership (and any other plugin provided here as well). I'd advise choosing from the themes here simply because we can very easily troubleshoot any issues you might experience using them with the plugins here though.

    So far as login redirects, there's not really any themes I know that integrate redirects, unless maybe they're designed for very specific purposes. And login redirects aren't required for use with Membership.

    As far as login widgets are concerned, Membership does work perfectly fine with the regular login at wp-login.php so you could also get by with that, but it's understandable you might want a widget specific to Membership. I'll mention that to the developer, but there are forum threads where you'll find solutions for both these things.

    If you have any questions regarding any of those specific items, we'll gladly see how we can help clarify or make things easier. Just let us know.


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