theme_mod url rewrites being overwritten in blog copy

Hey guys -

We are seeing a bug in NBT where if you have images uploaded as theme_mods in the customizer, when that site is used as a template the image URLS are not being properly set in the new site's theme_mods.

I dug around in the code and noticed that while you are doing a bunch of work to modify the URLS around line 425 of copier.php ( copy_files() ), those values are then being overwritten by theme_mod values from the template blog around line 110 of the same file--the result is that the new site has links to the old site which causes the customizer to behave weirdly.

No rush or anything, but if you guys could let me know if/when you fix this, that would be great, as we will just have to account for it on our end for now.