Themeing MarketPress

Hi there-

I'm getting ready to launch a client site with MarketPress, and we're struggling with the "themeing MarketPress" option.

Basically, we'd like to make a custom sidebar for all the store-related pages (product list, product categories, product tags, etc.).

We want the MarketPress shopping cart widgets to show up on the sidebar for all the MarketPress-created store pages (product list, product categories, product tags, etc.)., but NOT on any of the other pages on the website (blogs, contact form, etc).

I found the 'Themeing_MarketPress.txt' file and read through it.

As instructed, I went into my theme template and copied all the code from 'page.php' into a file called 'mp_productlist.php', but that screwed everything up in my store template. I'm getting all the text, but missing the images, the headers, and the "add to cart" buttons.

It seems like I'm going to have to comb through all the functions in 'template-functions.php' to find the right functions to throw in my file.

Is there an easier way to do this?