Themeing Marketpress using mp-products.php on the Genesis framework


In your file Themeing_MarketPress.txt there are instructions about replacing the page.php file with mp_product.php and having the ability to change the way the product is displayed that way.

The Genesis framework/theme for wordpress uses it’s own system for displaying the loops content etc.

Is there a way for this same method or a similar method to work on the Genesis framework?

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  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    By default the template file which MarketPress uses is page.php

    The mp_product.php file is just like WordPress templating, so, if this file exists then it will use that to display content. If it doesn’t then it would continue to use the page.php

    I don’t personally use the Genesis theme, what issues were you facing?

    Any errors or such?

    Take care.

  • michael_packman
    • Flash Drive

    Genesis uses their own custom framework to do everything.

    For example their page.php file has only one line of code:


    From there it goes into a whole new folder structure and php pages for handling everything.

    So by me trying to set up mp_products.php in the main ‘includes’ folder Marketpress will read the file but on top of the Genesis framework none of the normal wordpress codes will work the same way.

    I think i’ve found a work around for the issue I was having. I created a mp_products.php page and added the code genesis(); to it. By doing that i’ve by-passed the default settings and i’m able to hard code the changes I need directly to the products page in the dashboard.

    I can use the Marketpress HTML <forms> code to insert the “add to cart” buttons etc. I need from there.

    In the future I wont use Marketpress on the Genesis framework because the customization features don’t work as intended. I will simply use regular wordpress. It’s too late for me to back track now though because i’ve already spent a lot of time working with this on Genesis.

    Thank you,


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Ahh I see what you mean, Genesis is doing something rather custom there.

    I see you said you’ve found a work around for this, I presume it’s safe to mark this thread resolved for now then?

    Or do you need any further support?

    I’d have to look at getting the theme installed and having a play if so.


  • michael_packman
    • Flash Drive

    I resolved this issue for my intents and purposes. I by-passed the default output for the products page by creating mp_products.php and pointing it to genesis();. I was able to customize my products page from the wordpress dashboard and hard coded in the MP forms I needed to appear. Such as “Add to cart” form. I am lucky because there is a very limited amount of products in this particular case. For a very large store this solution would be too cumbersome.

    May be worth having a look to see how the customization options might work on Genesis framework in the future.

    I won’t use this plugin on Genesis for future projects.



  • JiveDig
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Sorry to jump in here…

    I’m having the same issues with Genesis here.

    @michael_packman can you give a few more details on what you did to customize?

    I’m most interested in adding some extra content to the mp_productlist ie: the product archive page.

    Normally I would just do something like:

    add_action('genesis_before_post_content', 'my_function_name');
    function my_function_name() {
    // put my extra awesomeness here

    This adds content to the page, but it seems to work outside of MP’s product loop. If i choose a location of ‘genesis_after_post_title’ it puts it after the page title, not the product title, which is not the normal loop behavior.

    Any help?

  • JiveDig
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    I’m not sure even when I posted this. Genesis 2 came out, but not sure if it was after. That only added HTML5 and schema data, everything else was pretty much the same.

    With all respect to the WPMU community, I’m very happy that I bailed on Marketpress and decided to use Easy Digital Downloads. Extremely flexible and well supported.

    Maybe Marketpress can work for you, but it def didn’t for me.

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