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Hi ...

I purchased a theme from themeforest and i am unable to display the theme properly inside wpmu. Apparently I am unable to upload a theme to WPMU without a network license. Does anyone know how to disable this restriction?

I have multiple sub-domains.
Not separate domains.


  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    What was the theme? and what problem did you have with the display.

    Under the themeforest standard license its per website meaning one domain to make it simple. So for each subdomain you would need a new license or purchase their extended license for unlimited sites.

    for example = 1 license
    subdomain or subfolder site = another license.

    You could upload it to your multisite if for example you were using it as the networks main site page only, just dont network activate it and manually asign it to the site you want to use it on.

    Themeforest's licenses are some of the most expensive out there when it comes to multi installs there is no middle ground for smaller quantities.

    Another way you could do it would be to get the customer to buy it, if you have an account at themeforest get them to buy it through your affiliate link, that way either you could give the customer the money you would have recieved back as a discount or make a little extra profit on the job. There are a few themes some of my customers wanted from themeforest and thats how i did it.

    Hope this helps.

  • Tom Eagles
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    I take it nobody knows where the line of code sits and how it could be modified or removed??

    What line of code do you mean? What exactly is happening? it won't let you network activate it?

    If installing it to one site in the network you dont need network activation.

    Follow these steps

    Go to you network dashboard,

    Install the theme.
    go to sites > all sites

    click the site you want the theme used on

    click the themes tab and set it to be allowed on that site.

    If you are trying to use it so more than one site can use it you would be breaking the license you agreed on with themeforest when you purchased it unless you have the extended license.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    I'm sorry but I'd never use a theme from their whilst they license in this manner, as such I don't have access to their themes or any experience with all the developers work from there to be able to advise. Sorry.

    Try a company like Elegant Themes or WooThemes, I believe they release under the correct license.

    Take care.

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