Themes not customizable from the user

Ok so I installed the themes BUT when someone signs up and wants to change the header or anything, it seems like nothing is working.

I tried to upload a new image for the header on a bunch of themes and it doesn't work.

I also tried to edit theme options but I get some permissions error.

I logged in as the super admin but don't see any options to let the user edit themes.

Any ideas??

  • fromscratch

    Ok so here's what I found so far.

    For some reason there was no .htaccess file which is why whenever I uploaded, I could not see the files. I added that and that's taken care of.

    Some themes still don't have options available though. For the Mystique theme I had to go into the theme-settings.php and in function mystique_add_menu() change 'edit_themes' to 'edit_theme_options'.

    This worked for that theme.

    My questions is without me having to go through each of the 133 themes individually to check them, shouldn't something like this have already been done??

    Or is there a quick way to do something with all the sites?? I dunno. Thoughts?

  • Mason

    Hiya @fromscratch and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Not all of our themes have Theme Options available. Especially when it comes to themes in the Theme Pack which are meant to be very simple 'beginner blogging' themes. Some of them DO have theme options, however, and of course all our custom premium themes have many theme options to choose from.

    You've found the solution to the issue with theme options not displaying in these for non-admin users.
    It's a change in the way WordPress handles user privileges. It shows up in themes with higher-level capabilities attached to certain menu items.

    In 3.0, the theme editor was left in with only Super Admins having access to it. Regular site administrators should not have access.

    Some themes, however, have additional menu items (options pages) that use the capability edit_themes to access. As you've noted, search the theme’s functions.php file and change the edit_themes cap to edit_themes_options.

    This is something that we will address, in addition to some other upgrades for the Theme Pack in a future release. At the moment, it's not our top priority though.


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