Theming MarketPress: Any Updates or Recent Changes for Developers to Consider?

Greetings, all!

I'm interested in building themes for MarketPress, more or less from scratch.

Upfront will not be involved, and neither will any of WPMUDev's legacy themes (except, perhaps, for the occasional snippet or inspiration). Yes, I know these are great themes, and no, I'm not complaining about any of them, nor do I have any particular objection to any aspect of any of these themes. They just don't happen to fit into our preferred workflow.

To my surprise, I've found very little authoritative information on the proper way to go about doing this. The resource that appears most thorough thus far is The Easy Guide to Theming Marketpress. However, as this article was published back in February, 2013, I had to wonder whether everything it covers is still current. And it seems that some things have indeed changed since that article was published. For example:

1. The [Themeing_MarketPress.txt] file has moved (to [wp-content/plugins/marketpress/ui/themes], for those who might have missed it).

2. There are now two files named [template-functions.php]. And while the placement of these (one in [wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/common] and the other in [wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/multisite]), seems to suggest that the contents of each should be obvious, some additional documentation would be nice.

3. The live demo at seems to have been retired.

Can someone please share updated information for those of us who need (or want) to build MarketPress themes from scratch? Perhaps some clarity into how much of the above article is still current?

And maybe some additional articles (anywhere), that are known to be accurate and current?

Gilad (Ehventerprise LLC)

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Gilad,

    Hope your weeekend is going well!

    I believe the template hierarchy has all stayed the same; however, there were a ton of changes in MP3.0 so I'm going to flag our developer on this so we can get their valuable input as well.

    Do you have any questions about specific areas that may have changed?

    Keep in mind our developers have many other responsibilities so their response times may be a little slower.

    If you have further questions in the meantime then please do let us know.


  • Gilad and Mihal (Ehventerprise LLC)

    Thank you for the fast response.

    I may have specific questions later, but for now, I only have a few general questions (and they may already be obvious given the topic and the article linked in my original post):

    1. Is the MarketPress-specific template hierarchy described in the linked post still the same (with respect to products, categories, taxonomies, AND globals)? If not, could the DEVs list the new hierarchy?

    2. Is the [/marketpress-styles/] directory structure still the advisable method for protecting project styles and images from plugin and theme updates? Is the structure of the stylesheets in this directory still the same?

    3. Are the MarketPress functions for The Loop mentioned in the article (mp_product_price, mp_buy_button, mp_category_list, mp_list_products) still the same?

    4. Are there any online or downloadable references/lists for any additional MarketPress functions that are to be called within and/or outside The Loop?

    Plus, your response does make me wonder about one more thing:

    5. Given that "there were a ton of changes in MP3.0", could the DEV's be kind enough to share some thoughts about things to do and things to avoid when building new themes for MarketPress? Personally, I would be perfectly happy with whatever internal docs or notes you may have floating around, even if they are not refined enough for your usual public publishing standards... Links to other resources your DEV's like and approve of would also be appreciated.

    Thanks again!
    Gilad (Ehventerprise LLC)

  • Jude

    Howdy all

    Sorry about the delay here, we were waiting on some info from the devs and that took a while.

    That said, here goes.

    1) The new MP is designed in a way that the visuals are separated from the core plugin functions. This is done with the help of shortcodes. So there is no template heirarchy like the previous theme. Any template ( full width or with side bar should work out of the box )

    2) Nope and No, the plugin folder is no longer the best place to store styles / images. The best place now would be the child theme itself.

    3) The names may be similar but the functions themselves are significantly different. Take a look below for the new functions


    4) We don't have any at this point. We are constantly working on improving this and we will publish a guide as soon as we have one.

    5) I'd love to share internal docs but they are mostly in scattered across Asana tasks and Git commit logs both of which I cant share. That said here are some general pointers on the direction the plugin is taking.

    The visuals and functionality are almost completely separated and MP 3.0 is designed to play with ANY well designed WP theme. The tiny overlap can be resolved by using short codes. So yes embedding short codes inside theme elements should give you almost complete control on the final look.

    Hope that helps


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