Like a global store - but all products in root...

Hi there,

A client want me to set up a MLM network for him. Two levels only!

What he ask for is a store where he can add products to his main store, and then give others their own sub-store with his products only.. Like a global store - but all products in root..

When the customer is shopping, I want him to shop in the sub-store - and pay to the sub-store owner (with commission to main store owner). And I want the sub-store to handle the order and logistics.

I have done some testing with global shortcodes, but when a customer select one of these products - he is transferred back to main store..

I have solved this for now using a main site with a 'listed' store only, and a template with a hidden 'live' store. Then all new sub stores is copied from the template using 'Blog Templates'.

This works fine except for one growing problem; when changing products (description, price etc.) and adding new ones.. In all sub-sites one by one..

Any solution on this one?