there, Good Morning, 1. is a local

Hello there,

Good Morning,

1. is a local business directory. We would like to generate revenue from this site by using your "membership" plugin.

we have installed that plugin and tried our best to implement in different ways but failed. Means it is not protecting our desired page/post/url/categories anything as we wanted.

Can you please help us to find a solution?
If you need us to create admin access for you, please do let us know so that we can do it.

2. Membership plugin only displays USD in PayPal standard as default and there is no other currency options even though we have changed site to United Kingdom from United States. Please let us us know how can we charge in GBP?

3.We like this enquiry box i mean the one i am typing on now, its fabulous. is there anyway to get one of this as plugin,under our current membership please? we would be glad.

Mr Rahman
Bury, Manchester, UK