there, I am a new Premium Member and interested in setting

Hi there, I am a new Premium Member and interested in setting up a Hosting Business website. I presently use AWS VPS.

My question is - "Do I need to install ALL the following LIST to operate the most functional website structure for a professional hosting company?
1. WHMCS WP Integration
2. WHMCS MU Provisioning
3. Pro Sites
4. Domain Mapping

On the WHMCS MU Provisioning page it says...
"WHMCS and Pro Sites - Not sure what WHMCS is, but you still want to host websites?
If you are not familiar with WHMCS but still want to sell websites then you might want to consider our Pro Sites plugin. "

As such, (as a newbie) it leaves me wondering IF I have to 'choose' one or the other., or load them all? I appreciate your help.

Please advise. Thank You!
Tim O'Dea

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tim,

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    Yes, so you could use them all or you could use just Pro Sites and Domain Mapping, or just WHMCS.

    Pro Sites with domain mapping would allow you to control everything from inside your dashboard. It would be a more similar setup to or - where you can offer different packages. Pro Sites lets you restrict plugins/themes/upload space/ and more :slight_smile:

    WHMCS on the other hand, allows for a more complex hosting seller setup, as with all the integrations WHMCS offers you can set it up more like your standard web host like host gator. Keep in mind some of the integrations needed may cost additional.

    I've never setup the purely WHMCS driven method, so sorry I don't have more info on that.

    Lastly, you can integrate Pro Sites with WHMCS. All the billing and payments are done through WHMCS but you can automatically trigger creation of a subsite in your multisite and apply a pro site level when a certain WHMCS product is purchased.

    Domain Mapping allows you to map subsites in your multisite to top level domains, and works fine whether just using Pro Sites or using WHMCS and Pro Sites.

    Hope this helps! If you have any further questions just let us know :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • Tim

    Hey Tyler... Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
    It's all a bit complex, by the sound of it, but I can work my way thru it - I guess.

    The option to " integrate Pro Sites with WHMCS" sounds like 'The Dream".
    So, I guess I'll give that a try - why not! I will be offering Hosting packages, websites and add-ons to clients. I want to keep it simple for me,
    I have another QUESTION please...

    Should I setup a Multisite Network on the primary domain first?

    If "integrated Pro Sites with WHMCS" is 'The Dream' I bother with a multisite setup too - is it necessary or an advantage?

    I've never done this either and maybe you can comment for me.
    I hope I'm not wasting your time.
    Thanks again

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tim,

    No problem at all, happy to help :slight_smile:

    Both just Pro Site setup and Pro site + WHMCS setup will require a multisite. With Pro Sites + WHMCS it is still creating a subsite within your network - you are just paying through WHMCS instead.

    A Pro Sites only setup allows you to restrict certain features within WordPress then allow them to upgrade to higher levels and get those features. Much like where you sign up for a free site but then have an interface to upgrade and open up access to plugins/themes/ etc.

    Domain mapping is integrated with Pro Sites so you can either let them map a domain right away or require they purchase a certain pro site level first.

    You can also sell domains too, this requires an eNom reseller account.

    For Pro Sites + WHMCS, it works a little different. Your customer purchases your "Pro Site" product through WHMCS and it triggers creation of a user and a subsite within your network which is now linked to that purchase product in WHMCS. So if they miss a payment, that will be communicated to WordPress and it will temporarily disable their site.

    In this scenario, most site features are all being handled within WordPress - WHMCS is just being used for payment, billing, customer management. The main perk here, as I see it, is that you can offer other products in your same WHMCS store. With just Pro Sites, there isn't really a store interface, it's just an upgrade table/checkout page.

    So while Pro Sites + WHMCS may be "the dream" for some, for others it might be unnecessary as Just Pro Sites does all they need.

    Hope that clears some things up and if anything is still unclear or you want to know whether a certain scenario would work, just let us know :slight_smile:

    Have a great weekend!


    EDIT: Just to add in here, realized I wrote all that and didn't really directly answer your question lol:

    Should I setup a Multisite Network on the primary domain first?

    Yes :slight_smile: assuming that is the domain you want your customers sites created off of. Keep in mind they can change their own subsite domain to anything they want later on using domain mapping.

    WHMCS and WordPress will be 2 separate installations. So for example, you could install WHMCS in and have WordPress installed on then use WHMCS Integration to display your WHMCS store in your WordPress pages.

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