there! I am creating a multisite main site (

Hey there!
I am creating a multisite main site ( where a potential customer could come and sign up for one of my website tiers, and all tiers are paid. So of course I am using Prosites. But I think I have something configured wrong... I went to a different browser where I am not logged in to see how a new customer would experience the sign up process. I created a feature grid ( and at the bottom is a call to action that links to the "pricing" page that Prosites set up at where if I am logged in as me and I pick a site I get the pricing page where you can opt for a level of service and pay with a credit card.

So going to not logged in (like I said, testing the site visitor's experience) I get this message:

"You must first login before you can choose a site to upgrade" (with a login form, and no link to register if they don't have a login.)

But what I want to have happen (and what I expected to happen) is the visitor could pick a tier (not logged in) and then register and pay, picking the name of their new blog (ie. "", since I set up my multisite for subdomains.)

What am I doing wrong? What are my next steps?