Help! Did I overpurchase?

Hi there,

I AM SO CONFUZZLED! When I purchased the monthly package, I thought I was buying access to the drag and drop ability for themes, and thought I would be able to create the theme, download the code, and import it into my WordPress site. But now I am superconfused. I have hosting with GoDaddy and I'm trying to figure out with them how to get my site hosted w/ them. So, do I upload your dashboard with the XML export into GoDaddy? Bah.

I'm currently figuring out w/ them if I overpurchased, and if I missed a step somewhere. I am by no means not tech savvy but this is really baffling.



  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Sunny!

    Our themes and plugins are meant to be installed in your WordPress installation, but it sounds like you don't actually have a WordPress site set up yet. When you get your hosting set up, depending on your GoDaddy package, you'll either have a fresh copy of WordPress installed for you by the GoDaddy team (if you're using their managed WordPress hosting) or you'll be able to install WordPress via your server control panel. (I think GoDaddy uses a tool called cPanel that's very visual and pretty simple to use and understand.)

    Since you're new to WordPress, let me get you some links that will help explain all the basics for you: That's our set of guides for those who are brand new to the WordPress experience.

    This is a great blog for WordPress newbies, too: They're not affiliated with us, but I still learn a lot each time I visit.

    Once you get WordPress installed on your host server, you'll be able to install our themes and plugins. With the drag and drop, I think you're talking about our Upfront project. Upfront is a framework, and we've got a (growing) set of child themes that let you use drag and drop to customize your theme to your hearts content. It won't let you edit other themes, but it will allow you to create a site that looks just how you want, with no code.

    It looks like you've got a monthly membership, which means you'll be able to download and use any of our plugins and themes. Think of plugins as extensions of WordPress, and think of themes as the clothes your site wears. Plugins give you new functionality, themes give you style.

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, and welcome to WordPress! You're in for a big adventure. :slight_smile:

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