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Hi there,

I am using the Wordfence premium version on my main-site of our Multisite platform. The cell-phone verification add-on is enabled, and I am now faced with a situation whereby when I try log in, the log-in page just loads blank when I submit my login credentials.

All other sub-sites allow you to log in, and therefore it appears that the Wordfence plugin is not working properly.

Unfortunately I cannot wait more than 24 hours to receive a response from Wordfence, and would like to know whether it would be safe to delete the plugin from the CPanel backend in the meantime and in order to gain access.

Will this option solve the problem, or is it not advisable to delete files when the plugin is activated?

Many thanks!

  • Eliott

    Hey @Grant!

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    Before you touch anything, I always recommend making a backup of your website including the databases. Unlocking the website should be pretty straight forward as long as you have access to FTP and to the databases via PHPMyAdmin.

    To start you would need to rename your Wordfence directory, this could be from "wordfence" to "wordfence-old". This will deactivate the plugin and give you access. The only problem is if you re-activate the plugin then you'll be locked out again.

    To stop this, the next step would be to erase the plugin's config and data. This is where PHPMyAdmin comes in. In your database there should be a series of tables that all start with "wp_wf", these are tables created by Wordfence. Select all these tables and drop them.

    You should now be safe to re-activate Wordfence. You'll see some errors but this is okay, it's just Wordfence trying to retrieve data that doesn't exist anymore. If you deactivate and reactivate once more then Wordfence should generate new database tables.

    Best of luck with this! If you have any problems then give me a shout and we'll give it another go! :slight_smile:


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