there. I have been setting up demo themes on my multisite

Hi there.

I have been setting up demo themes on my multisite network using New Blog Templates. And I set it for the users to sign up for a their choice of template upon sign up. Meaning, I set the plugin to add a gallery of template choices on a certain page on my (main site).

But now, here's the issue I am seeing. On every single "sub-site" that I have set up for DEMO purposes using the NEW BLOG TEMPLATES . . . on the "sample page" on each of these sites, it's also showing the template gallery from NEW BLOG TEMPLATES. Is there a reason for that? Does it somehow show up on all blank pages in the network?? I just wanted to have it show up on the main site?

Seems like a possible bug to me. Any help would be appreciated.



  • Sam


    I had it set to "home" on my main site. I assume that is why I was doing it.

    I set up another page on my main site called "sign up" and changed it to that, and all the "sample pages" that were showing it on the subsites cleared up.

    So I guess you can't set it to "home" or the main page? Did you guys know that? Or should I have known that?

    It fixes itself when I made the new page.

    But you may want to have your developers look at to what happens, when the NEW BLOG TEMPLATES gallery page is set up on the HOME page of the main site. It populates all the blank pages on every sub-site with the same gallery. Probably a little bug, but again, I set up a different page and it's fine now. Just may want to have somebody look into it.


  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Sam,

    That's great news! Glad it's working for you now after changing NEW BLOG TEMPLATES gallery page :slight_smile:

    I tried to reproduce the issue on my test setting Home page as a static front page and using the same home page for the new blog Template selection, also created some blank pages( Without any content ) in the sub sites but i couldn't reproduce the issue you are having.

    Have i missed any step required to reproduce the issue?

    Vinod Dalvi

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