there. I just initiated a Ning-to-BuddyPress migration

Hello, there. I just initiated a Ning-to-BuddyPress migration and totally screwed it up. Your software worked fine, but I accidentally deleted some fields that were transferred from Ning. I am running this installation of BuddyPress on a multi-site. I also deleted some users, since I wanted to re-import them with the correct fields.

However, it looks like the super-admin account already has the users listed, so I got a "user already exists" error message when I tried to re-import.

Here's my situation: I have some users on the BuddyPress site and all users on the multi-site. How can I move the remaining users from the super-admin account in multisite to BuddyPress?

Thanks, Margy

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Margy, my apologies for the delay here!

    I would just rather move them to the BuddyPress site. Is there some way to select the ones I want and move them over to the other site in one bunch?

    Assuming that your earlier mention of "the super-admin account" is referring to the list of users here:


    And also assuming that the BuddyPress site in question is a subsite on the network... you wouldn't actually be moving them, but rather, you'd be adding them as users to that subsite.

    However, even with adding the users mentioned inside of the users.php page I mentioned to the BuddyPress site (the subsite on your network), you would still run into problems with re-importing the users to that subsite via the Ning to BuddyPress importer, as those users would exist.

    The idea behind removing those users from the network entirely would be that they'd be completely gone from the network, and thus, you should be able to do a re-import without issue.

    My apologies for not clarifying the reasoning behind my earlier statement, does what I said make sense now? Or is there something I'm missing here? :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

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