I need help setting up the domain mapping

Hi there,

I need a bit of help setting up the domain mapping plugin.

Basically I am wanting to use my domain name, [removed] and always use that when loading the site, [removed], but I can’t seem to set it up correctly.

I host with FlyWheel, so I don’t have access to cPanel, but they allow you to add your own domain names.

I added my domain name [removed] and also set the a record ip for [removed] and www to my sites ip, but when I set the domain settings up, I loads [removed] but then goes to my original site?

I am not sure what to do to get it to always use [removed] instead of [removed]

I also need them both to be SSL, [removed] is, but would I need to purchase another SSL to protect [removed] or?

What DNS settings should be in place? and what settings in the network settings and [removed] site settings need to be in place for this to work?