there, I require some assistance, I have 1 person that

Hi there, I require some assistance, I have 1 person that provides 1 service @ multiple locations & I have activated locations, service locations add-ons & added the 3 locations in settings. I have bound the addresses of the locations to individual services "Eye Exam @ Location 1, @Location 2, @ Location 3" however I cannot figure out how to assign/split working hours by location. I did not add a "service provider" as there is only 1

Help with this matter will be greatly appreciated

Danielle Simard

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Danielle Simard,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    The Working hours are set specific to Service Provider and not to services or locations.

    If a single Service Provider providing services to multiple locations then you can create a dummy service providers to set different Working hours for each but will work as single service provider. They will behave exactly like ordinary users except the emails they are supposed to receive will be forwarded to the user you select in the appointment option "Assign dummy service providers to". Note: You cannot select another dummy user. It must be a user which is not set as dummy.

    If you want to you cal also use the appointments add-on "Worker Locations" to set locations specific to workers.

    To create dummy service providers, select the option "Dummy?" in the service provider screen as displayed in the attached screenshot.

    Then select any non dummy service provider in the option "Assign dummy service providers to" in appointments general settings screen as displayed in the second attached screenshot.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Seravia

    TYVM for your response...I will implement these changes.

    As appointments cannot be split/assigned by location, I will *backtrack & set hours then locations by "service provider" as recommended , I'm not quite sure how the plugin forwards email from "dummy accounts" to main "service provider" but I can set that up manually by forwarding dummies to main on the back end.
    TYVM for your Advice, If I have any further questions, I will reach out
    I figured I might have to take an opposite approach on this

    *backtrack = delete all current hours(for non declared provider) & setup "service providers" then set hours for each

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