there, i want to amend css and template files of fixer. Bat

Hi there,

i want to amend css and template files of fixer.
Bat there is the issue, i can't create child theme of child them and if i make my changes in fixer files then i can be rewritten after update.

I want to remove link part from page title, so i need to edit default page template.

How can i do it safely, so it will not be changed back after theme upgrade?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Vitaly!

    Our Fixer theme as well as all other Upfront-based themes are not "ordinary WP themes" therefore aren't built upon common WP theme principles. The layout here is being built dynamically and there's no way to edit its templates safely. Also, as Fixer itself is a child theme of "Upfront" (which can actually be considered as "framework") it doesn't allow you to build child themes.

    I can say that the ability to create your own themes upon existing ones is on its way but I cannot give you any ETA on this, nor give you any more details.

    That being said, I believe we can find another way of removing the link part from the title page. I think I'd need to take a look at your site first though so could you please:

    - share a screenshot of your page with stuff to be removed outlined?
    - grant me a support access to your site using our WPMU DEV plugin?

    To grant access please follow this guide:


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