there... i want to know if its possible to overlay

Hi there... i want to know if its possible to overlay an appointment... and if yes, how?

Thnx in advance. Gustavo

  • jhosting
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    I forgot to tell that im using the "services" option into settings... there the capacity variable is set on 2, but once i make an appointment, the second customer cant appoint at the same time on same day.
    And as i understood "Capacity is the number of customers that can take the service at the same time".

    What am i doing wrong?

  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey Gustavo,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Are you wanting to allow an appointment to overlap with another appointment? So you could have an appointment go from 1:30-2:30 then another from 2:00-3:00? So they are overlapping for 30 mins in that case.

    You could do that using dummy providers, because you can setup each provider to have a different time table and they will function individually :slight_smile:

    Setting it as a "dummy provider"(screenshot attached) just means that you can forward it's emails to a different user from the Appointments+ General settings.

    Is this what you were asking for? If I've misunderstood, just let me know.

    Look forward to hearing back.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey jhosting, yes so in that case he would want to create a "dummy" service provider.

    The "capacity" setting is how many customers you can have; however, it's limited to the number of service providers.

    So, if you create a second service provider as "dummy" then select your main service provider to be assigned to the dummy providers, as my screenshot illustrates. Then you you will be able to have 2 appointments at the same time for the same service.

    Hope that helps! Any further questions on this just let me know.


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