there, I was using

Hi there,

I was using WP Smush Pro for about a month now, and it was working nicely. We would bulk smush, and it would smush images, and it would give us a list of image errors, that we would go fix, then be able to smush after we fixed them. It's a slow process to find the image issues, and fix them, but we were working on it. Today I went into WP Smush Pro and it seems that it's refreshed everything to the point of not having smushed anything. I had to re-bulk smush, and this time it hasn't smushed as much as originally smushed. When I go into the media library it shows images that were once smushed to be needing smushing again, and so I click on individual smush for each image, and the first couple worked, but then the others just hang there and aren't finishing the smush.

Please let me know what to do.