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Hello there,

I will be putting my website on hold for about six - nine months. I do have a copy of my files on the WP DEV dashboard (sept 21st) but I'm having trouble saving a copy to my computer. Can someone help me out here .... perhaps create a zip file of my website so I can save it for next year.
*****I've allowed access to my website....*****

  • Rupok

    Hi Maxine,

    I do have a copy of my files on the WP DEV dashboard (sept 21st)

    Do you mean you have successfully created a managed backup or normal snapshot backup? If you did not created a managed backup, can you please go to "Dashboard > Snapshot > Managed Backups" section and create a complete backup by clicking on "Backup Now" button?

    When you are done creating your backup, please go to "" this link. There, click on the website for which you just took the backup. Then go to the "Backups" tab. There you will see your backup listed. Click on the download button. It will show a popup and will give you option to download a backup zip file and a installer file. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.

    This way, you can download the backup on your computer and restore it back when necessary.

    I'm having trouble saving a copy to my computer

    Do you mean you have completed all those steps I've just described above but having trouble in downloading that backup file? Can you please tell us what happens when you click on that backup file link? Or do you mean that you have created a backup with our Snapshot plugin but can't download that archive? I logged in to your site with Support Access but I could not see any backup from September 21 in normal backup section or managed backup section.

    So can you please tell us how did you took the copy of your files from Sep 21st? Please send us as much details as possible. That will facilitate the troubleshooting process.

    A secondary option will be the manual way. For doing that, please login to your cPanel and open File Manager. From there, go to the root folder of your domain, select all files and click on "archive" button to create a zip of all files. Then download that file from File Manager to your computer. Then go to your PHPMyAdmin panel, select the database for your site, go to "Export" tab, and save the SQL dump on your computer. When you will need to restore your site after six-nine months, just upload that zip through your file manager and extract. Then import your SQL dump through PHPMyAdmin and your site will be live. This will serve your purpose I believe.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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