There, I'm having a mystery behavior on my site. There

Hi There,

I'm having a mystery behavior on my site. There is a site on the network, In network admin, when I look at Sites and check out it's user's, it is signing up over 100 new users an hour. When I go to the actual site ( and look at users, I only see the admin user - no other users.

Two questions - one, why the discrepecy, and two, how do I stop all these spam user signups?

  • Alexander
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    Hey @narasopa,

    The best way to stop spam on Multisite is with AntiSplog:

    It's possible that these users are being added to a different site somehow, or that they are created new sites for themselves if that is allowed.

    Check under "Sites" in Network dashboard to see if there are any spam signups.

    You can always delete the spam users from network admin as well. They'll only show up in the users list of sub sites where they have a role (usually subscriber) So it's possible they are registering, but not being added to the site you've been checking.

    Best regards,

  • narasopa
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    Hey there - so...

    I use anti-splog - new blogs aren't being signed up. It is just user registrations on one site. But wierdly, they only show up in network admin, not in the site.

    I've attached two screenshots - one from the 'sites' view in network admin, the other from the user's view in the actual site.

    Can you take a look and let me know what could be causing this? I just want to disable user registration on that one site - is that possible - all other sites seem normal..

  • narasopa
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    Hey Zach,

    I appreciate that, but I'm trying to figure out where these users are coming from
    . I thought for a minute it was wp-ecommerce, but I've deactivated that plugin and they are still coming in. I've installed Stop Spammers - we'll see what happens...

    Registration for the blog is disabled. Comments don't require registration. I don't know how new users are being created.


  • Zachary
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    Make sure you provide the API keys to the databases that Stop Spammers needs. They are all free and take about 5 minutes to get.

    This is starting to sound like a malicious plugin you have that is controlling your site and overriding your settings.
    Could you send a list of plugins you have installed and I can check them against Google's blacklists and WordFences blacklist.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @narasopa,

    The registration stuff is handled on a network level, so I'd be more concerned about what network activated plugins you have added that affect registration.

    It could also be that Anti Splog isn't setup just right. Have you added your API key? This will allow it to connect to WPMU DEV and get blacklist updates of spam to block.

    Best regards,

  • narasopa
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    Hey there - I have the splog stuff set up correctly - but these people weren't creating blogs, they were just users.

    It wasn't a network activated plugin, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was wp-ecommerce creating blank users for every single site visitor on a high traffic site. Interestingly, on the site it was installed on they don't show, because due to settings they are just placeholders that are deleted after a couple of days.

    However, in admin settings I was seeing all of these users that are created I believe to track ecommerce sessions....

    Again, I can't 100% verify this, but I'm pretty sure this is what was going on.

  • Alexander
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    Ok that makes sense. It's definitely possible for other plugins to create users directly. I'm not familiar with how wp-ecommerce works behind the scenes. You could check with them about it.

    Or perhaps delete all the users, then temporarily disable the plugin to see if the issue persists. (assuming you're not live yet)

    Best regards,

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