connection was reset

Hi there,

I'm having HUGE amount of errors messages, connections lost, time out, whatever ... Since 3 days and looking to identify where this problem comes from ? Perhaps you can point me to the right direction.

Hosted at GoDaddy, just called and they say all is fine but it's NOT ... I'm living a nightmare since 3 days ... I'm now afraid to hit the [update button] *no kidding

I end-up on a blank page 3 times out of 5, have to reload the page, reload, reload, reload and there it is > but changes were not save > review versions .. when I don't have to login again > go to page > review revisions before updating = connection reset - page blank again ... A REAL NIGHTMARE :slight_smile:

My internet is very good
All the web is fine ... except my Wordpress sites

Where does RESET comes from ?
I installed few plugins recently (*only from WPMU) ... Is this possible a plugin change something in default config somewhere so I'm experiencing all those resets ?

Thanks for any tip you may have !

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