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I am trying to use Contact widget with Spirit Upfront. When I go to Appearance>Widgets, there is a list of Available Widgets. Under Available Widgets:
Inactive Sidebar (not used)
This sidebar is no longer available and does not show anywhere on your site. Remove each of the widgets below to fully remove this inactive sidebar.
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Button grayed out: Clear Inactive Widgets
This will clear all items from the inactive widgets list. You will not be able to restore any customizations.
Inactive Widgets
Drag widgets here to remove them from the sidebar but keep their settings.
Repeat of Clear Inactive Widgets button and This will clear all items from the inactive widgets list. You will not be able to restore any customizations.
There is no sidebar on the right side.
At this time, my client is not going to have a blog.
Where do I get the API keys? The link in the instructions is highlighted but doesn’t work.
I have extended Grant Access until Dec. 19. There are other issues I’ve been having with Spirit Upfront, which has not been as easy as advertised. Tyler is handling those.

Thank you.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi mkleiner,

    Hope you're well?

    Upfront doesn't use conventional sidebars, it is mostly all done via the front end editor, so you shouldn't be adding widgets in the appearances settings.

    You need to go to the front end editor, then drag the widget element onto your page, you can then select the widget you wish to display in that element.

    you can find a guide for using Upfront here.

    Hope this helps

    • mkleiner
      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      The first conflict is that in the draggable items there is a Contact choice. This is the one I used since it said Contact. The form is very basic, which might be fine for the client. I thought the plug-in would offer more fields choices, like "when do you need your dog walked?" (Client has pet sitting business) Morning Lunchtime, etc. with check boxes or radio buttons or drop downs. You are directing me to the Widget drag element, which has a series of choices. There's a number of contact form choices, but I am not clear on which will serve my purpose. Could you give me an idea of which contact form might accomplish what I have in mind?

      Are you also saying that (none) WPMU plugins work with Upfront?

      This is just another issue on top of a number of issues I've had working with Upfront through the tutorial and now redesigning my client's site in WordPress. He does not have a complex bells and whistle site. I have things jumping around the page, fonts changing on their own, one moment, there's an add image icon within the text, the next there isn't. One page I have picture next to text, another page it doesn't happen. The OK button in the color scheme is cut off at the side on two computers and disappears when I try to scroll over. I'm waiting to hear back from a few recent messages of long on-going thread about this site, so you don't get involved in those, just venting my continuing frustrations.


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