There is (often) an autosave...

I regularly and randomly seem to get "There is an autosave of this page that is more recent than the version below."

In most cases, there shouldn't be. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for these to show up, and it's completely unclear what the proper process is to find the latest version.

Frankly, the autosave function annoys me. First, is there a way to turn it off? Second, what's the best way, when this nagging message shows up, to figure out what's the most recent save?

And, finally, I get this message when I go to Edit and then choose a page. Why doesn't it just give me the latest autosave instead of randomly giving me a page? Shouldn't the page it shows me when I come back after a day and hit edit be the last autosave?

Is this just trying to be annoying?