force ssl on subdomain using a plugin

Hi there,

Is there a way i can force ssl on subdomain using a plugin that can be activated on a site basis. The reason why, currently i dont want to use the domain mapping force https on login option "to yes", because when forcing it after a site is registered the ssl take about 2 minutes before s full propagate and until then i cant access the website dashboard due to ssl warning. So i disabled that option from DM and looking for an other way to do so.

Ps. I tried other plugin, they work but for some reason the "form action="wp-login.php" "is sending to an insecurred page with, hence causing the SSL padlock not to show and sometime bresk the css in the login page, however when i set the "force https login" to Yes in DM, it forces the page to a secured wp-login.php url and the padlock work just fine. So is there a way i can use that exact method from DM to force the https, but in a small plugin where i can activated on a persite basis.

Thank you in advanced.