Configuration Issue

Hi there,

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to sort out this configuration for a simple membership setup, but cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.

This is what the setup should be:
- There are two membership levels; Member and Sponsor
- Both are paid memberships that last 1 year.
- I want to completely disable the ability for users to change their subscription plan. There is no premium content they have access to or anything like that.
- They should be able to renew their subscription if they are within 30 days of their expiration date, and an email reminder should fire off 15 days before their registration expires. We don't want auto-renewal or anything suggesting that people will be auto-renewed.

I have the only active gateway set to Paypal Single Payments, since that's what I read was needed to have the renew feature. Whenever I sign up on a test account through the form, it's assigning them to the Admin gateway. If I move the gateway to Paypal Single Payments, it adds the yellow renewal box and hides the upgrade box, but adding time to the subscription doesn't reflect on the subscription page or on the "All Members" menu section in the Dashboard, which is a problem.

How do I get this plugin configured to where I want it?


  • Vaughan


    You should only use 1 gateway, so make sure you only select paypal single payments & not manual payments.

    Memberships run concurrently, so until their 1st subscription expires, they won't change to their new subscription.

    You should set the subscription plan to finite.

    You can set the renewal period in the membership > configuration settings.

    With regards to your paypal not working, you have not entered your paypal email address in the paypal settings for your gateway.

    It will not work without.

    Hope this helps

  • Gary

    Attached is a screenshot of my Payment Gateway page. Single Payments is the only one that is set to Active.

    If I change it to Finite, that removes their ability to renew, doesn't it? We don't want members to have to let their memberships expire before re-upping.

    I know Paypal isn't configured yet; we still need that info from the client which is why it's set to 0.00 currently. I'm trying to get the configuration set up properly before I add another variable to the equation.

    Are you saying that it won't use the active Single Payment gateway until it's actually fully set up/configured?

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