there, Just hoping to filter my membership listings

Hi there,
Just hoping to filter my membership listings by the different headers (username, name, email, etc.) – much like you can do in the built-in WordPress administrator.
Where would I add this in the plugin code? Is it something you could look at integrating in the future?
Also if I could export this data as CSV/XLS that would be great.
Let me know if you have any thoughts!

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @David

    Welcome to the forums!

    Do you mean to filter or to sort?

    Filtering reduces the list to only display results that match the filtering term, much like search results.

    Sorting means adjusting the display of the entire list according to parameters like alphabetical, date registered, etc.

    In the meantime, I'll move this topic to the Features & Feedback forum to give it more exposure in the community.

    The more support a feature request gets, the more likely we are to consider developing it.

    You may also want to consider posting a job offer to our jobs board, where other premium members can view and bid on it:

  • David
    • New Recruit

    Thank you! I have been observing for a while and now here I am. :slight_smile:

    I actually am looking for sorting, thanks for clarifying. The filters as they are are great right now as-is.

    That, again, could happen directly or through an export. Or, if we could display all instead of page-ifying, then I could just copy paste into a spreadsheet. :slight_smile:

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