my admin user won't work

Hi there,
Just moved my domain to a new server...
I used the "Snapshot" backup plugin and it seems fine
Except that I can't access the back office using my admin user

Here's what I did
- I opened a new GoDaddy account and moved the domain there
- Also got a new hosting account related to it
- I installed Wordpress on the server using "
- I installed the WPMU Dashboard + Snapshot plugins
- Run the restore and my site is back online

While installing WP, I used the same email, as my admin user
I've been able to connect but looks like I'm not admin any longer

So I tried login using the new user I just created but got an error message
I now have "1 attempt remaining" ... and don't want to try again

How does such a thing possible ?
What am I suppose to do now ?