Managing Users

Hi there,
My site is still under development
I had 40 friends signing last week and deleted them all yesterday for a proper launch

Thing is : I have the normal users database in the admin
I also have a users section with the membership2 plugin
Now, I installed the "auto-message" plugin which also have a users section.

I'm also using "BP Registration" plugin to put new users in a parking page until I validate them manually .. What I don't understand is the pending status.

Since my yesterday reset, I have 14 new users
10 are subscriber and 4 are pending
Why is there 2 sections like that ?
Shouldn't they all be in the same subscriber section ?

What is that pending section ?
There was only 2 when I noticed it and got 2 more the time I took this screenshot

Is it possible there's 2 registration pages ?
Or perhaps, the spammers got me already even if I'm not launch yet ?