there, please I'm working with Genesis + Genesis News child

Hi there,

please I'm working with Genesis + Genesis News child theme.
I'm using Membership and I've set 2 levels of access for my site (one called "abonnements" to allow to read the whole content, vs the "visitors" level which is for non subscribers, who can view only a partial amount of content).

Visitor is a free access level.
Abonnements a paying access level that users must renew manually (Paypal single payment gateway)

Then I've set 2 paying subscription plans, both with the paying "abonnements" level, but one subscription is set to "finite" and 1 year; the other one is set to "finite" and 6 months.

Well, my problem is that if a 1 year subscriber views his account page, the plugin asks him if he wants to "upgrade" to 6 months subscription plan! which of course does not make any sense.
It's all right when it's the other way around (a 6 months subscriber gets asked to pass to a 1 year subscription). But I do not want that to happen the other way around.

I could not find how to regulate this "automatic" question for upgrading plans. I even tried not to set anything as a "Starting Point" in the Subscriptions plan options, but it didn't work out.

Please help me underdstand if I'm doing something wrong or missing anything to fix this problem I have.

Thanks in advance.