There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again. 10002 - Secu

I read all the posts in this regard but no solution.

Everything worked fine with the theme Terrifco. This morning I switched to MP Pro Theme and now this error is coming up. I verified that I am in live mode and checked the API data 10 times and compared to PayPal. This is a little annoying since I have not changed diddly squat but the theme from Terrifco to MP Pro and a test purchase on Friday with Terrifco theme worked fine.

Need some held please

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @Roberto

    Here are all the possible reasons for an error 10002 from PayPal:

    If you have triple-checked the API data and ensured that it is correct (for live/sandbox mode, with no spaces or additional characters), then it is likely related to your PayPal account.

    Have you also tested by reverting back to the theme you had previously when things worked correctly?

    What version of MarketPress are you running?

    What version of the MP Pro theme are you running?

  • Roberto
    • New Recruit

    Hi Patrick

    I am running MP 2.8.9
    Pro Theme 2.0.0

    I tried using WP Cart and a basic theme and that worked out.

    For some reason MP and Pro theme are not working. I have now turned IPN from Paypal off but is there any return link for MP?

    Form the link you have posted my error code is listed as 10008 but mines is actually 10002 with the same reason code as listed under 10008

    At a loss here.

  • Roberto
    • New Recruit

    OK got it to work

    When you guys from MP list the fields to enter for Paypal please make it very clear that you mean the extra long Signature that you only see at setup in Paypal and not the API password.

    Paypal calls the Signature later on "Token" and not Signature.

    Oh well it works now

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