There was an error sending the email.


First of all i'm new with development of websites, therefore already my apologies for these kind of questions:

I'm not able to send email by using the contact form. The following error returned when trying to send a quote: "There was an error sending the email."
I've modified the contect form with the correct emailadress at the fixer theme editing page but still the error is showing. My previous mail contact form 7 was working properly. So its not an technical mail domain/server relay issue.

Second, i'd like to use a new button to point to a specifiek 'chapter' in my web frontpage. For example the default fixer quote button is pointing to the quote page:
How can i create a new 'chapter'? I already created an additional background part with specific name called 'example' and use it in the buttons hyperlink ttp:// but this is not working.

Hopefully you could help me with this. If my explaination of the issues are not clear let me know..