There was an unknown error when I try to update MarketPress on localhost

It has been for some time when I update WPMU DEV plugins on my localhost, MarketPress (V 3.1) is the only plugin that gives me this error:

There was an unknown error

A few days ago I created a new site on my localhost, where I only have WPMU DEV plugins. When I try to install MarketPress on my local site from > WPMU DEV > Plugins, I got this message:

Something went wrong, please refresh the page and try again.

I refresh and try again and then I get this:


Installation of MarketPress eCommerce failed. Most likely reason for this are wrong folder permissions of your wp-contents folder.

On all my local sites, other plugins update and installs normally, as I was able to install other plugins into my new local WPMU DEV site, and in the past had no issue with installing MarketPress, I don’t think the permission issue has anything to do with my wp setup as I have not made any changes to folder premissions on my localhost or other folders on my machine.