Test Domain Mapping 4.0 Beta!

Hi there!

We have prepared a new version of Domain Mapping plugin for you! This version has new UI and allows you to sell domains via eNom reseller.


– The UI of the plugin has been reworked

– The ability to validate mapped domain has been implemented

– From this version the plugin won’t map invalid domains

– Network owner is able to select reseller provider (currently only eNom is implemented)

– Sites/blogs owners can purchase a domain from admin dashboard

– Two payments gateways are available: eNom credit card processing services and PayPal express checkout (if Pro Sites plugin is used and PayPal gateway is configured there)

– Purchased domains are configured and mapped automatically

– Network owner can view reseller API request log and see what request has been made and which ones failed

It is advisable to backup your database prior to installing, and maybe use the Snapshot plugin to take a copy of your current site.

Grab the new beta version in attach below.