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Hi there,

What is the correct way of setting up analytics+ ?

1. Lets say i have a different theme (for example Avada or Divi). Do i need to add the tracking code in the theme settings as well as analytics + or just analytics + ?

2. With woocommerce there is also a seperate woocommerce plugin that allows you to enter your tracking code etc as well to enable enhanced tracking... must i run both plugins at the same time?

Link to the official woothemes plugin :

I think basically want to know if analytics+ also adds my tracking code to all the pages and if it does, would it also work with enhanced ecommerce tracking in GA OR is the analytics+ more just a tool to pull reports from you GA for convenient purposes?

Thank you!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Paddaman,

    GA+ will add the tracking code to site header so all your pages should be tracked.

    About the code in theme or different plugin, this depends on what their options are designed to do, if they only add the code inside header then there's no need to add to code there as well.

    However if they have some of their own statistics that show in your WP admin then those options would probably be disabled if no code is added in the theme/plugin specific field.

    Basically adding code in any of those should enable tracking in google, which one you will use depends on which data you want to show in your WP admin.

    Hope this helps.

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