Thesis options missing in dashboard

I have several clients using the Thesis theme that have been working fine until lately.

They are now reporting that they no longer can see the Thesis options in the dashboard, though the theme appears correctly on the front end of their sites. I logged in as one of them, as a site admin, and can confirm that the menu options are gone. However, when I'm logged in as the Super Admin, it appears and operates correctly.

I updated the theme to v1.7 and the problem remains. I searched the DIYThemes forum for similar reports and found none. I disabled all plugins in mu-plugins and plugins folders (by changing the name of the folders) which did not change the situation.

But here is why I think it may be a wpmudev issue... I see the space where the menu should be in the dashboard menu. In the attached images, notice the 2 dividers between Comments and Appearance in the Site Admin's dashboard. Any ideas?