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In response to support suggestion, I do not think I added custom css to create this problem, although a plugin or something could be affecting it - have not tested deactivating them yet. Adding a screen shot to show the very few settings I have edited in the theme options, (select 2 column layout) which includes one of the support suggestions that was done a couple years ago I think.

So I went to one of our other buddypress sites, installed the social 1.4.1 and changed only the theme options->buddypress settings to show 2 columns. It appears that the same issue arises where profiles are shrunk to less screen space, yet the other buddypress pages like members directory do take up the full 2 column width.

Is no one else getting this issue?

I have used the suggested css code to fix this with a child theme in the meantime, but I think it is a bug that should be hashed out at some point.

Ultimately I'd like to see the options for percentages with ems instead of pixels being used, as this theme has some features that work okay with tablets and smaller screens, so it would not take too many options to get it in line with phones/ tablets really.

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Now if I can just figure out why viewing an individual's profile shrinks the main left container (making a lot of white space in right sidebar) - yet the other buddypress pages like groups and such extend full container all the way to the right sidebar..

support suggestion:
I checked the user profile page on your site and found you have defined the following custom CSS code that is causing to hide left sidebar and moving content area to the left leaving blank space to the right.

#custom #member-left {
display: none;

If you don't want to display left sidebar on BuddyPress profile page then you can do so by selecting 2-column page layout option from BuddyPress Social Theme Options as displayed in the attached screenshot.

To display user profile page same like groups page

Add following CSS code in the style.css file of your child theme or add it in your site using the following plugin.

body.bp-user #buddypress {
width: 666px;