Think I have a Multi-site setting problem with BuddyPress

I'll post this on BuddyPress also but wanted to check here first.

Site is 3.6, multi-site, sub-domain, buddypress, bbpress with muti-db's. All plugin's and themes are current release.

Admin of sub-domains unable to create groups. They have a create group button but it redirects to the index page of the main site. I can create groups as super admin. I had installed activated and deactivated and reactivated buddy press a few times prior to setting up the first sub-domain.

Tried a verity of settings between Pro-sites and Buddypress. I also disabled security plugins thinking access was being blocked by them.

When I deactivated the security plugins I replaced the htaccess with the one that was there before I installed security.

I was still unable to create a group as admin in a subdomain.

Anyone have any thoughts what is causing this problem? I had already removed overflow in global database in phpmyadmin. Are there any other tables in the database that need clean up or remove because of the activate. deactivate process prior to and after Multi-db install?

I had all plugins tables when I ran multi-db and all global tables moved correctly.