This email contact-form make for child theme

I am confused about this way of doing business and frankly I am kind of disappointed at the fact that I pay you people every year and I seem to get hacked at the site every year around this time. I just lost allot of work again and I am really confused about why this is happening better know as the white screen of death that is permanent. This happened again after I chose to use RTmedia plugin that I paid for who wanted to get into my server too mitigate my server into there servers. This is un herd of to get updates.
I am also lost about most of the plugins that seem to not work according to the directions. Is there a way that someone can help me to make this contact plugin work with any theme or do I just have to change the theme name in the style.css. Its confusing I placed up a test site so that I could have get things to work there and then have them work on my other sites. I am lost as to how this is happening.

Regards Vinny