This is follow-up question re: CoursePress Pro

When I went to install this plugin via "Add New/Upload/Browse."

It did not show-up in the browse window-search as a plugin. But when I canceled that searched, and repeated the above process from the Themes installer.

The upload search was able to recognize it just fine. Therefore, it got installed as a Theme.

Did I do something wrong? Or, is this a UN-described function of the CoursePress Plugin.

So, what I'm trying to determine is; "Is It a Plugin or Is It a Theme?"

Worked on this half the night, and at this point. I am about ready to Uninstall the entire site and start over. Because, I have over a 200 WP-Training video, e-books and PLR products, I need to get installed asap.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the WP-Guru (as yet)which I aspire to be. However, to give you just a brief overview of the items on my plate:

1. I Just finished the WP-MU installation manual.

2. I Need to implement a in-progress Traffic Sourcing project with my hosting company.

3.Currently working with a 23-Video training session on Amazon S3-storage/security.

4.Amazon's Cloud-Berry & Cyber-duck training in-progress.

So, I need products/services with documentation I can depend on to what it claims.

Furthermore, being recently retired, I must carefully focus my resources of time/cash.

Hope you help clear things up for me…Thanks for taking time to read my support question.



  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, George!

    CoursePress is both! It’s a plugin, and it comes with a theme. However, you don’t have to have the theme activated in order to use the plugin. I use CoursePress with my own theme, and it works great for me.

    We included a theme for members who are starting a new course-based site but haven’t considered the vast array of available WP themes, but we also designed CoursePress to work with any (almost any) theme our members might already be using.

    If you don’t like the CoursePress theme, you can still get all the benefits of CoursePress while having a different theme activated.

    Hope this helps explain things! Happy Friday!

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi George,

    We got your email so I just wanted to post here and thank you for sending that through to let us know this is now resolved for ya! :slight_smile:

    I’ll go ahead and mark this as resolved and will reply to your email in just a moment. Thanks for being a member here, glad to have ya on board!



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