This is for a student could you please pass this on to Demitris

Hey Demitris,

I don’t think the student is getting my replies, so I am opening a ticket for him.

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I needed to update WP to allow me to edit themes. A bit confusing, but I was trying to edit a new child theme only to find there was no editor in my Admin dashboard. Probably related to my manual WP install.


I have read too many articles about Apache 2.4 localhost access issues, but I still have no access to my local host from my iDevices. httpd.config is configured with “Require all granted”. I disabled my PC firewall for my test to ensure it was not in the way.


You can paste your sandbox PHP to test here:


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There was not much help with how to use XAMPP to test my PHP. I created a subsite called “tutorial” pointed it to my project folder C:xampphtdocsWPtutorial index.php. I could edit index.php and then just visit the subsite to see the results.

FYI, the tutorial was missing the code for the last function discussion.


1). When Daniel was using atom there were a lot more resources than I see when I opened my tutorial project site under XAMPP. Could you explain how these resources were added/setup, eg. Font Awsome? Never used atom b4.

2). I still can’t get access to my XAMPP sites from my iDevices using the IP for my PC. I think I am missing were to configure use of “localhost” vs the specific IP address in Apache a maybe even WP.

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Otherwise, the video was interesting.