This is for the google ,aps plugin only showing up on the

Widgets area Vaughn was suppose to look at this as to why the maps are not showing up on profiles

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Vincent

    I hope you're well today!

    Can you provide a link to the thread where this was originally discussed please?

    Also, it would be highly preferable to reply directly on that thread rather than creating a new one. We must answer each and every support ticket, so creating multiple tickets for the same issue only slows down the support process, and can result in confusion if too many staff or members join in.


  • Vincent

    I don't see what the big problem is I am jumping from tech to tech and I don't understand why there is so many problems with your plugins and no I don't know were the last thread was so I suppose I am not going to get support on this issue at all also . Listen I am more than a fair person I really don't care about this site at all I am trying to make something work with your software so far you can check every single wordpress site I have and that's 35 domains none of them contain at all wpmudev plugs I am always having a problem can you help me get this to work now I found a plug that's almost the same thing lets se if that works it is suppose to do the same thing. Can you tell me if this works then your plugin should work also lets see.

    Regards Vinny P.S if you can find the exact thread please let me know I don't like people in my site its not that I don't trust you. There is no need for this to take a look take a look at what. The plugin should work and I am getting frustrated.

    Regards Vinny

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Vinny!

    Different techs work at different times of the day, so when you start a new thread, it may be assigned to someone who's not familiar with your other threads. We've found it's a lot easier to help our users when we can keep discussions about issues in a single thread, so we don't end up missing something important that can help us help you.

    I think this is the thread you're referring to:, I just replied to you there. I'll close this thread so we can keep the discussion going over there.

    Thanks, Vinny!

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